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Aluminum & PVC frames
Kambio - Loukas D. - Polychronopoulos I. O.E. - Security doors
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Welcome to "Kambio", the company based in the beautiful Volos, dedicated to the trade of aluminum & pvc frames. Since 2001, we have established ourselves as the preferred choice for professionals and individuals in the greater Magnesia area.

At "Kambio," we recognize that aluminum & pvc frames are an essential part of the aesthetics, functionality and safety of any building. We are convinced that choosing the right window frames plays a decisive role in creating a comfortable and safe environment.

At "Kambio," we are committed to providing high-quality frames that combine aesthetics with functionality. Our products cover a wide range of uses, from the home to the professional environment, offering our customers advanced solutions with durability, aesthetics and energy efficiency.

With an emphasis on quality service and individual approach, our team at "Kambio" is always ready to guide you in the best choice for your needs. We undertake to shape your space with products that stand out in terms of quality and aesthetics. At "Kambio," we create partnerships that last and add value to your everyday life.